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SWEET-ness Heart Divider #1 by Gasara



If i were to change my username, would you guys still want it to have "Sombra" in it? 

9 deviants said i kinda do yes! but i wanna hear your guy's opinion ovo
5 deviants said No i like this name!
3 deviants said Yes do it! (comment something)
1 deviant said i'll have to change it in every other media thing i have but it's ok =u=
No deviants said perhaps suggest some usernames?? i can totally see which one i like more!


Aug 28, 2014
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Aug 28, 2014
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Aug 28, 2014
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Aug 28, 2014
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Aug 28, 2014
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:iconsomcake: Adopt Account <3

(help my pokemon grow 8Ic)

Ghosts-Pixel Chibi by MagicalcatZeno-Pixel Chibi by Magicalcat

My dA story: appreciation +4

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 7:24 PM
Hey guys! i've been in dA for about 4yrs now. i started in with the sonic fandom if you guys hadn't been with me that long LOL;;; i grew out of it, and went into this group called PokemonRainbow though i regret going into that group, but i don't at the same time. i wouldn't have met my best friends i have now.
:iconophers: she may not use dA anymore, but she's still a very good friend to me, and i'm glad she reached out to me, because without her i wouldn't have aspired to get better, and gained more friends.

:iconpancakelament: She's so sweet and i love her so much!! she's still my best friend, and i'm proud to call her my Mamacakes, because she's just such an amazing and caring person!

:iconchibichum: AAAHHH SHE'S!!! SHE'S MY BABY OK. i love!! LOVE LOVE her so much!! i cannot tell you how much she means to me. i love this precious bundle of a teddiursa! i'll keep her from feeling sad however i can. i look up to her artwork, how she strives to get so much better! i just can't handle her ok!

:icondeer-head: i still see her as my idol! her artwork is so amazing, ever since i first met her in PR, she's been always just the best person to talk to. even today i'm kinda shy to talk to her, and she's off doing GOOD things, i still am happy to have met such a good friend c:

:iconmega-karp: HE'S GOOD OK. i love!!!! how he's so hilarious, loves to battle, and enjoys to just chill with everyone. his artwork is SOOOO dynamic you don't understand QvQ he's a super friend, yet we don't talk as much as we did before i just!! really enjoy him whenever we do talk /w\
Art of Weather by Mega-Karp

:iconforevertired: He's hilarious ok. i only started to talk to him more and more, and yet i've just uugghh can't handle how silly and great he is /w\!! i'm very shy! so sorry if i don't usually strike up a good convo! he's a FANTASTIC traditional artist!! GO LOOK AT HIM OK...
Ana by ForeverTired
:iconlindylizards: She's so smart, and great! i loved her artwork ever since i met her ovo)s her style is so GOOD.. and i just love how she talks, and enjoys others however she could! I always looked up to her artwork, and i thank you for giving me the feeling of really getting better /w\!

:iconcowardesswonder: AAHHH SHE'S SO CUTE OK. i love!!! LOVE how she's so tough, and strong. she's been through poopy times, and i just admire how well she pulls through in the end. her artwork is so cute! i love it so much /w\!! hhh i thank you for giving me a wonderful time in Rainbow, keeping a cute ship! we still have them! yet we are both kinda shy to speak to one another now a days.

:iconlunaoverthecow: she's spunky and sarcastic! even when we hadn't been able to talk as much as we have before, she's still always thinking, and enjoys coming together /w\!

:iconzerewin: oh dang where do i start with this GUY. he's a dork, lovable dork rlly. he's just a nerd ok? that's all! //slapped
One day I will actually have a set in stone art style. That day is not today.
:iconmagicalcat: man oh man she is intimidating for sure, but look past it and well she's a total sweetheart. i love her cute style, and very busy person who works very hard on her artwork! MUCH MUCH KUDOS. thank you for helping me with my art too!! you helped me through a lot c:
Yellow Rose Monster by Magicalcat
:icons-bro: she's a cutey patoot who loves gore. that is all you nEED TO KNOW. precious child i love her so much /w\!!!
Freaking adorbs yo by S-bro

then after my days in pokemon Rainbow (i do wanna mention Kaelle/Ondore! SHE'S SUPER OK I LOVE HER SO MUCH) ok after all that CRAZY LAME JAZZ... i looked around for more groups to be in. not much went through there, though i made a few friends, they kinda just came and went. though most notable group i'll mention is Pokemon-Amie it sparked a couple people who i love, and helped me through to improve as well c:

:iconkyrioib: oh man, smart amazing, good artist, wonderful talker. best of all qualities i've found yet in a person. very very amzing!! i love love love this person, she helped me through a lot of my thoughts, and understood just about everything i can think of! thank you for being a part of my life.

:iconmifuu: waifu of the person above, she's so cute ok. her art AAAHHH verything is just hhh i love it QvQ so sweet! i want to talk to you more and more thank you /w\!

:iconscoiipedes: LOL precious guy i love, he's so adorable and doesn't let me feel so down uvu talks well and even if we didn't talk much in this group, in PKMNation you're just he best!

:icontemptingglow: precious precious person. thank you so much for being there uvu)s i love you!!! and even if we don't talk so often! i do wish to really get to know you more and more! you're good to talk to and refreshing! DO YOU KNOW HER SKILL LEVEL THO??? MOUSE ART. HOLY SHIT A+!!!!
Hello darkness my old friend by temptingglow

:iconkanamiu: HHHHH I LOVE LOVE.. love!!!! LOVE.. you Kana!!! hahaha i just hhh her charas, how she pulls through with BS. man i love how silly she is too /w\!! can't have enough Kana in your life B)
.:: PMA: Triple Homiecide ::. by kanamiu

:iconforestii: can i tell you how much power she has in her? so much power!!! STRENGTH  endurance. i really love this person so much. i think about how she is doing, and how well she's getting! i enjoy how happy she can get, and her artwork is just so great! thank you for being there too Forest! your artwork also inspires me c:
The Loser Corner by Forestii
:iconcolatechi: oh man you know, i really love her artwork, it's just??? SO GREAT. can't help but feel excited to make more myself! hhhh she's a good person, very reasonable to talk to, and i just really look forward on how well she's gotten >u< <3 thank you Collama!
Rather be a Dick than a Swallower by Colatechi

PKMNation time! now there's a few people who i grew to love here, and during through these times, i've really grown attached and thank them for putting up with me LOL

:icontehzion: she's the KINDEST most precious golden hearted person enjoy and talk to! she really aspires things to be dandy, and amazing. i enjoy how she's just so cute??? strong, and just dependable when you need her c:
PKMNation: Match #24 Tournament vs KiwiPeach by TehZion

:iconakapanuka: AAAKKKAAAWWWW!!!! THANK YYOOUU!!!! thank you!!! GOSH you!! don't understand how much i look up to your artwork, and consider you as a very very good friend of mine /w\! you're so chill, and HILARIOUS. very lame too //shot i thank you for coming into my life!
LatiBird by AkaPanuka

:icondaffupanda: oh gosh very cute person we have here, i love how nice and very supportive she is!! HHH you just?? don't know how much you mean to me friendo uvu
PKMNation - Let me cling to you! by Daffupanda
:iconkrisander::iconanimose::iconcapt-lunanus: are also great and supportive people! i love them so much ovo)s even if we don't always talk, you're always in my mine uvu

Now i still am into pokemon! i'm not done trying to feature every one if my AMAZING friends, who pulled me through thick and thin. now there might be some recent ones i will show off! yet, if you're not on here, i'm so sorry qvq i just-- these people really impacted me in a very positive way and i thank them so very much on how much they made me happy! thank you all very much for giving me my art life something truly wonderful. i really do enjoy dA still, since i never really gotten the terrible route of it. /w\!


GOSH DANGIT can't believe i forgot to add these three fine ladies LMAO i dunno i knEW!!!! i was missing like sOMETHING GODDDD


:iconashurst: GOSH she's one tough mofo, she's just READY to sock it to ya if you mess with her friendos. and super love all of them. her drawing skills are so supurp! i look up to her artwork /w\!!! she's very friendly, and funny!!! i can't handle how much she's grown onto me over the course of time! Like honestly, i would've had gone crazy without her when i was mod in Nation hehe
PKMNation - TOURNY ROUND 2 -Philippe vs Mystic #25 by Ashurst

:iconwordle: oh man she's so nice!!! like aahh dang /w\!! her artwork is so??? SO CUTE.. and i look up to it too! i just REALLLYYY love those very stylistic things, and cannot handle how great it is!?!!!??? also it's been a super short amount of time since i really got to know her, but she's just so cute and very funny!! SUCH a silly person. thanks for being my inspiration!

and last BUT NOT LEAST

:icongarbagekeeper: oh man you know, she went through a lot herself, and i just aahh i'm ok with her venting and us just going about people. and we both agree on a LOT of things LMAO. it's great- she's so cute, and her art is so great like WOW. and i hope she's doing ok!! i love her so much /w\!! she's a sweetypie, and i can't help but be super attached!
PKMNation: Levels for Plant Things by garbagekeeper

:iconlagendarylugia: oh man she was one of my first friends in dA! we rped, and enjoyed our time together! how she grown and her style has always been do GREAT. she improves a lot, and loveloves to be such a kind and gentle person >:0 thanks for sticking around in my life you lovable nerd! (dat typo username tho //slapped)
Mega Sceptile by lagendarylugia

i'm super duper sure that's everyone??? I CAN'T... think of more lOL I DUNNO I'M SORRY IF I MISS YOU.

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